About Us

Our Story/Goal

August 1, 2019 Paradyse® was born. Quebec, Canada.

We are young designers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, people who want to make a difference in the streetwear industry.
We are passionate people who like to leave their mark in this vast world.
We always had the idea that conformity was not for us, we always liked to do things differently than most people.

For us the word Paradyse is not just a name, it is much more than that.
This word means to us the importance of Difference, of freedom, the importance of saying no to Conformity and to follow a different path from others.
We want you to join us. Stand up. Speak out.
Be the black sheep on the side of conformity. BE PARADYSE.


Our Products

We offer you high quality clothing at reasonable prices, made with passion, joy and love.
Our clothes will have many different styles, from simplistic and subtle to more elaborate.
When you wear our clothes you will be a part of us, a big family, a big family that sends a message to the world!


Thank you to all of you, our beautiful community (Our Family❤️) for allowing us to be where we are now by supporting us every day.

We will never be grateful enough.